Written by Mark Taormino

Locals have been hearing whispers of strange happenings around the Ancient Volcano. Rumors over the last several years of an unspeakable evil that has risen up inside. An evil that “fell from the stars.” There is something wicked and devilish going on inside. Highwaymen report of strange creatures, mechanical monsters, horrible beasts and “little green men” that are roaming the land. You and your stalwart adventurers have decided to take on the challenge of plundering the mountain for the treasure within! Oh and get to the bottom of these dastardly stories as well!

MAXIMUM MAYHEM DUNGEONS are created with one thing in mind: ass-kicking fun. This adventure has that classic look and feel both inside and out, including blue maps and old-school fantasy art from some of the best artists in the business! Filled with irreverent characters, diabolical villains, over-the-top monster encounters, outrageous magic, mischievous NPCs, traps, puzzles, and more blood and gore than you can shake a +5 staff at! This adventure will entertain and challenge everyone who dares to play it!

  • 40 Pages saddle stiched
  • Removeable Cover with three blue maps (one dungeon and two spaceship levels)
  • 10 New Monsters: (Brain Strider, Interceptor Drone; Little Green Bastard, Neverdead Stalker; Electronic Eyebeast, Venus II Plant, Spaceworm, Mecha Monster, Police Robot, Black Tentacles)
  • Includes 8 Pre-Generated Characters

If you like this adventure look for more soon from Maximum Mayhem Dungeons(tm)!
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